I have one, and his name be Wolverine!

Apparently, every librarian needs a nemesis. I have mine, although I must admit, I share him with my boss. However, his ability to frustrate attempts to help him, evaporate knowledge from his brain, palm off his work to others and daydream through essential training sessions does mean there’s more than enough nemesis-ness to go around….

Sorry Jennie Law!

I admit, my choice of blog name was not particularly clever or well planned. I didn’t expect to get linked to, or even read, so I just thought, when Blogger prompted me for a name, “erm, my name, yup. That’s taken. Ok, so it’ll be mainly about law / my work…so law will do. That combination’s not taken yet. Yay. Job done.” It’s not particularly anonymous, but I don’t think I need to be anyway. Although a lady does like to retain a little bit of mystery…

I didn’t think there’d be a lady out there actually called Jennie Law. Or that she too would be a librarian! Perhaps I should get in touch and apologise for accidentally stealing her identity as my blog name?