I don’t know when they did it…

…but I’m glad they did!
The very fabulous Scots Law News blog has changed its layout. Now posts are dated, timed, and allow a link directly to each post.
The content has always been very good, but being unable to see the date, or link directly to a specific post was frustrating for me – I imagine there were ways to do that, but they weren’t obvious to a reader.
Now, all is well in the world, and the posts are well linked to background material, making it easy to bring yourself up to speed if you’ve missed any related info they refer to!

My only niggles are that I still can’t find an RSS feed, so my little overloaded brain has to remind me to visit regularly, and I’m not keen on clicking a link to read a full story…I go to blogs to skim for info, not clicking into each post…

But overall, well done SLN, and thank you for making reading it easier on the eyes 🙂

New Advocate blogger

As pointed out a few weeks ago by lo-fi, there’s a new Scottish legal blogger…and he’s actually a proper, qualified grown-up who knows what he’s talking about, unlike me and my random mutterings…

Jonathan Mitchell QC, member of the Murray Stable, has revived his online presence with a blog on Scots law and legal practice, with regular informative and helpful posts.

The police in Aberdeen aren’t holding a grudge

No, of course not.
They just really, really like Sgt Eros / Stuart Kennedy, and they like to see his act as often as possible, to see what reason they can find to arrest him again.

I’m sure there are far more important things going on in Aberdeen that need police attention. And this wouldn’t be in any way related to both a sheriff and appeal judges finding their previous attempt to prosecute him to be ridiculous, and thrown them out.
Would it?

I don’t understand

Why has this man been allowed to only perform community service after stealing 288 items worth £26,00 from the Catholic Archives in Edinburgh, as blogged before?

The reason for not imposing a custodial sentence? He had already served time for similar thefts in England, so a custodial sentence would be “oppressive”.

Erm…so now a valid defence is “he did it before elsewhere, but he’s very sorry”?
Surely that’s not right?