Google again

Honestly, I’m not obsessive, really, they just seem to be pretty active just now!
Google have opened up their internal blog on their public policies, to allow users to see what their views are on various important areas such as privacy, content regulation etc.
Which is pretty interesting, but I’ve got to say, I’m not sure I entirely trust any organisation when they say ‘look how honest and open we’re being’…probably cos I know there are very, very few of them who will be!
But it’s a pretty good attempt to make more transparent the internal workings of a section of a massive corporation.

What does the Web look like?

I use it every day, for work and for pleasure, it’s become an essential part of my daily life ….but what does it look like?

Well, according to researchers at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, it looks like…that.

Prettier than I expected, it looks like the first seconds after the Big Bang! Wonder which dot is Earth… 😉

Link from Popular Science Blog, the link to the original research paper it’s taken from isn’t working just now.