The Invisible Royal

Ah, so the member of the Royal Family that we all know this is about won’t have to appear in court, as the Crown Prosecution service has allegedly blocked moves for him to give evidence, from the looks of it, by his own request.

Erm…why? We all know who he is, ‘cos the gagging order doesn’t apply overseas, and the US press has been having lots of fun, naming him and speculating. Surely it does him more harm than good to be able to stand up for himself in court? If he’s denied the allegations, and been questioned 3 times by police with no charges being brought, what more is there to it?

Honestly, it’s REALLY not as if we don’t know who he is!!!!

*Thanks again to the Inner Temple Library Current Awareness for story source*

Author: Jennie

Law, libraries, books, crafts, and general geekery.

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