Love in the library is a quiet thing*

Cosy, secluded corners….casual browsing hands accidentally brushing against others while running over spines…eyes being drawn to each other over well-stocked shelving…the library appears to uncover hidden wells of desire in both its staff and its visitors.

Perhaps you met someone there, perhaps you just missed someone there…how do you tell people in the library of your true, inner feelings?

Do you get in touch with Missed Connections, and describe how you almost met your other half while browsing in the library?


But I fear that this is too open, too blatant. Perhaps you would prefer to communicate in the way you like to relax: with the written word?

Would you like to “check someone out”?


Once they know you like them, maybe you can “borrow” them?


This is going well! Now, you must tell them how you feel! Begin gently…


Are they truly the one for you? Are you ready to tell them that? Here you go then:


Or maybe you’re more of a visual communicator? A few subtle page manipulations, and you too could “accidentally” leave an image like this in front of your intended….


Or line these up in their vicinity, to catch their when they look up from their latest read:


Of course, when all goes well, and you’re scampering down the aisle, guests gleefully casting pages of books at your heels instead of petals, then you’ll need a fitting topper for the wedding cake:


You never know, it might even be the librarian that catches your eye:


Or perhaps you’ll catch theirs:


And remember…not even the books are immune to the power of a library to unlock the emotions….


*yet more stereotyping features in this post

Author: Jennie

Law, libraries, books, crafts, and general geekery.

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