Book a gift

Since I like a good browse on Etsy, and I come across some interesting stuff there, I thought it was time for another librariany gift selection. For this series of posts, I am focussing entirely on the book itself. That means items made out of books, accessories for modern books (the Kindle, iPad, Nook etc), clothes and jewellery that involve books, decorative book-related items, book quotes, and “other”, which is a whole world of random…

So, lets start with the physical book , shall we?

Book sculptures/folding is very popular on Etsy, so you can find plenty of “Christmas tree” shaped foldings, and even some shaped ones, like barrels, or pinch-waisted shapes. Even a pretty, sewn clamshell:


The most impressive book sculptures I’ve seen though are these – very complex looking, and done to order:


If you want to go all out for an insanely good book sculpture, you could invest in this sort of thing:


Or if you want a slightly more affordable version, how about a photograph of a sculpture?


Perhaps you prefer your books to be more “arty”? How about another style of book sculpture (that seems to be a bit more like “the horrific nightmare of a librarian after discovering a flood in their library” to me)?


Or how about your own fairytale within a book?


Books can be functional too – stacking your books on a floating “book shelf” would be good fun…until you got a schlumpy one that just wanted to do a slide off the side.


Although perhaps yours books are a tad on the small side to be needing a big bookshelf all for themselves anyway?


If you like to keep a book around that looks like a serious read, purely to impress visitors, then it could at least also be useful and charge your phone for you too:


And where better to hide Important Things (and, of course, hip flasks) than in a books safe?


Or do you like your books to be a bit more portable?


And here endeth the first post of book gifts…more to come soon!

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Law, libraries, books, crafts, and general geekery.

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