I believe I know the name of this defence

It’s called “A Big Boy did it, and ran away”, aka “It wisnae us, Guv”

This is the text of the (to give them credit, admittedly fast) response I got from the website that was using my blog post, as mentioned previously:

Dear Sir,

Apologies for the issue.

Thanks for your information. we will remove the same. It was happened

by our operators who has posted about long back. We got permissions from the authors

that time. Some of the posts they have put like this.

Best Regards

Venkat Sure

So, according to them, it was posted on their site a while ago (I’m assuming in 2008, as that’s when the posts lifted from me and others were created), and they got permission from the authors at that time?
Well, unless I have changed personality since 2008*, I never gave that permission, so that’s no real excuse.
And…as of now, my content is still there. How long exactly should it take to remove my content? How long should I give them, before moving from Slightly Irritated into Quite Irate?
* Admittedly, this is a faint possibility – maybe I had a psychotic break, gave them that permission, and forgot about it, and neither I nor anyone else realised I’d been temporarily mad, and randomly giving away my intellectual property rights…

Author: Jennie

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3 thoughts on “I believe I know the name of this defence”

  1. Jaf! Unfortunately this is all too common, along with the classic 'but everything on the internet is Public Domain' and 'an untrained intern did it' excuses.

    Should you wish, you can take action via their actual hosts – while a whois will reveal their company details, a whois on their webserver's actual IP address will show who their web hosting is provided by. In this case, it's the following:

    RTechHandle: GL538-ARIN
    RTechName: Landis, Greg
    RTechPhone: +1-713-397-8147
    RTechEmail: greg@hostingzoom.com
    RTechRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/GL538-ARIN

    RAbuseHandle: ABUSE370-ARIN
    RAbuseName: Abuse
    RAbusePhone: +1-713-960-1502
    RAbuseEmail: abuse@jaguarpc.com
    RAbuseRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/ABUSE370-ARIN

    JaguarPC's a fairly well known VPS/server provider, so hostingzoom is probably a reseller of their services. Maybe file a complaint at both levels? If you're serious about it, it'd be best to follow the DMCA Takedown Notice guidelines.

    Honestly, though, I'm not sure it's going to be worth the hassle!


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